President: Andrew Fischer

Vice President: Patrick Byrd

Communications Coordinator: Meyer Willson

Spirit and Competitions Coordinator: Erica Umphreyville

Spirit and Competitions Coordinator: Kangkang Yang

Traditions Director: Alex Winston

Values Director: Brian Monroy


President: Olivia Matthews

Chief of Staff: Ana Rodreguiz

Director of Integrity: Jessica Wang

Director of Zeal: Trevor Knotts

Director of Community: Mollie Mulvey

Director of Compassion: Shawn Thomas

Director of Mentorship: Laura Bell

Cockrell – McIntosh

Co-President: Thomas Glasscock

Co-President: William Schueler

Vice President: Bella Murdy

PR and Communications Coordinator: Mallory Pitts

Outreach Coordinator: Kayleigh Dilworth

Spirit and Intramural Coordinator Micah Bernard


President: Spencer Yale

Outreach/Social Media Chair: Danny Di’Maria

Spirit and Competitions Coordinator: Kevin Jackson

Chief of Staff: Eric Wise

Treasurer: Griffin Tobia

Intramural Chair: Megan Scott

Kathy Crow

President: Cameron Ivory

Executive Vice President: Anna Mugerditchian

Vice President of Communications: Sarah Franklin

Vice President of Spirit and Competitions: Patrick Hillyard

Vice President of Planning and Logistics: Sophia Moore

Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Engagement: Allie Massman

Vice President of Building Development and Improvement: Jaclyn Soria

Senior Floor Representative: Rachael Lacour


President: Alicia Swart

Chief of Staff: Jenny Otto

Director of Creativity: Lexi Broadnax

Director of Friendship: Summer Rye

Director of Growth: Sabrina Peng

Director of Purpose: Daniel Hellrung

Director of Responsibility: Ericka Koenigsberg

Mary Hay, Peyton, & Shuttles

President: Bronson Ciavarra

Chief of Staff: Ryan Mendez

Spirit and Competition Coordinator: Lexi Newman

Communication Coordinator: Mariah White

Advocacy and Hall Improvement Funds Coordinator: Spencer Blakley

Hospitality and Event Logistics Coordinator: Alix Sommers

Community Involvement & Culture Coordinator: Siqian Yang


President: Priya Young

Vice President/Philanthropy Chair: Ashley Mai

Communications Director: Abby Blumenfeld

Spirit and Competitions Coordinator: Ed Woolard

Secretary: Caroline Booth

Morrison - McGinnis

President: Matthew Flinchbaugh

Vice President/Events Chair: Amit Banerjee

Spirit, Competitions, and Traditions Chair: Carlos Arazoza

Hall Improvement Chair: Cameron McConnell

Communications Chair: Matthew Brink

Virginia Snider

President: Noah Wells

Director of Spirit and Competition: Ishani Awasthi

Director of Hall Improvement Funds: Dylan Colbert

Director of Intramurals: Joel Booth

Director of Programming: Melanie Ekizian

Director of Communications: Margo Schoenberg

Vice President of Events: Jessica Mason

Vice President of Staff: Frankie York


President: Hannah Hess

Spirit and Competitions Coordinator: Connor Boltman

Chief of Staff: Morgan Hosey


Service House

Assembly Representatives: Andrea Salt and Stan Lanier

Upper Division Communities

President: Victoria Dickson

Executive: Krystyna Stopyra

Vice President: Joy Bates

Event Chair: Praise Davidson

Chair of Hall Improvement Funds: Sidney Wagner

Treasurer: German Lopez